Construction materials Sourcing and supply

At STELPH International we source and supply the following commodities to meet your requirements.


Construction Sand

Garnet Sand


Silica Sand

Reclamation Sand

Bitumen supplies

We can supply any size order to any part of the world, both containerized or in bulk.

Shipping services

Providing International logistics solutions to get your business needs where they need to be.

Shipping charter:

Chartering of ships for multiple project

types and cargoes.

Specialized logistics solutions:

Offshore project logistics and point to point

solutions for any size cargo or heavy


Energy Supply

STELPH International can provide the energy your Country needs to grow and thrive.


Petroleum based energy:

Diesel fuels.

Unleaded petrol fuels.

Bunker fuels for shipping.

Energy supply marketing services:

Domestic market fuel supply marketing.

International fuel supply marketing services.

  • Australia

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

Liquid Natural Gas:

LNG Off-take supply development.

Providing customized energy supply solutions for your requirements

Medical equipment STELPH Medical

Due to the international challenges that the Covid-19 virus has created, we are utilizing our networks around the world to supply much needed testing kits and medical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the places most needing this support.

Visit our official STELPH Medical website at www.StelphMedical.com.

We are authorized and able to supply the following medical goods:

  • Onsite COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid test kits.

  • Nitrile and Latex medical gloves.

  • 3 Layer medical grade face masks.

To request pricing please contact us via Sales@Stelph.com or visit www.StelphMedical.com

We can supply to most parts of the world.

Recycle with STELPH Recycling Australia

STELPH Recycling is our Australian operation for recycling solutions.

We provide recycling services in Australia as follows:

  • Oyster shell recycling.

  • Scrap steel recycling market development.

  • HDPE Waste plastic sourcing and supply.

  • Other recycling market development.

For recycling inquiries please send us an email through Sales@Stelph.com.

Contact Us

Alternatively contact us through email on Sales@Stelph.com


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